The Scoop on CE at The AAC Academy

To keep our overhead costs low and pass on affordable learning opportunities to our AAC Village, we offer certification maintenance hours (CMH) instead of ASHA continuing education units (CEU) for SLP's.

  • CMH count toward your ASHA certification maintenance for SLP's, just like CEU's.

  • Most states accept CMH just like CEU for licensure.  Check with your state.  
  • Our courses meet all of the standards set out for ASHA CEU courses.
  • You get everything you need at the end of your course to track your credits in case of audit.  
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Write your awesome label here.
for slp's

Tracking CMH is easy

  1.  Use the ASHA Record Keeping Form for CMH       Audit to log the necessary details for your course.
  2.  Retain your proof of attendance/completion           certificate from the course.
  3.  Once you reach your 30 hours for the certification period, submit your Compliance Form online to ASHA. 
still feeling unsure?


You can read all about CMH and compliance on ASHA's website.  

Check Your Profile

And don't forget that your completed courses and courses in progress are easy to reference in your AAC Academy Profile.  Login at any time to get the info you need for peace of mind.