AAC, Literacy & the SLP

#AACES2024 Conference Session

A Year in the Life of One Creative Communicator: SpeakForYourself, Pictello, Spotify, & Proloquo2Go as AAC

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Learn about gestalt language processing, creative communication, and AAC through a year in the life of a young AAC user and his many methods of communication. Together, Ereeni Roulakis, speech-language pathologist, and Shubha Balabaer, parent to a 4-year-old gestalt language processor AAC user, will share and discuss how AAC users, regardless of how young they are, can truly take the lead. Come learn how repeatedly pressing words over and over again on a device has unfolded into authentic multimodal communication across a range of AAC tools and what lessons we can learn to continue empowering young AAC users.



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  • Natural & engaging webinar
  • Full year of on-demand access
  • CMH/PDH Certificate 
  • Online classroom community 
  • Links to resources

Learn about GLP & AAC

You'll explore  gestalt language processing, creative communication, and AAC through two perspectives: parent & professional.
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Focus on multi modalities

You'll gain insight on the importance of teaching and honoring all forms of communication for young learners who are GLP's. 
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What You'll Learn

 As a result of attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

1.    Describe gestalt language processing and the stages of Natural Language Acquisition.
2.   Identify three critical thinking questions when deciding how to implement AAC for a young user.
3.   Identify three strategies to include young AAC users in AAC decision-making.
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Continuing Education Credit

This course offers eligible students a total of
1 certification maintenance hour (CMH)

Learn more about CMH/PDH  (versus CEU's or continuing education units) on your course syllabus and on our CEU Page.  All learners are encouraged to confirm that this course meets the requirements of their licensing board before purchasing.  
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Meet YOUR instructors

Shubha Balabaer

Shubha Balabaer is an engineer, social justice worker, and parent to an autistic 4 year old gestalt processor. Shubha and their partner Daniel have thrown themselves into supporting their kid to communicate and meeting him where he is at as a gestalt processor, providing multimodal communication options. As ‘ unschoolers’ who get parent coaching, they've been able to experiment and learn from their son. They're committed to helping other families and speech therapists learn and grow together.
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Ereeni Roulakis, MS, CCC-SLP

Ereeni Roulakis, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist in a Charter School in Southeast Louisiana. She specializes in supporting AAC users, including gestalt language processors that use AAC. She began her journey with gestalt language processing and the Natural Language Acquisition Protocol in 2018 as a graduate student at Southeastern Louisiana University.
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author
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