AAC, Literacy & the SLP

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  • 1.5 hour video lesson                  
  • All skill levels                                  
  • Attend  on-demand                     
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AACES Conference On-Demand Session

The Two Essential Ingredients to a Truly
Ambitious & Inclusive Sensory Story 

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Sensory stories partner concise text with rich and relevant sensory stimulation to create narratives that are accessible for people of all abilities and neurotypes. In this practical seminar Sensory Engagement Specialist Joanna Grace will share with us the two essential ingredients of ambitious and inclusive sensory storytelling. Showing us how simple inexpensive resources chosen with insight and used with creativity can conjure up magical narratives that can include everyone. Joanna will also sign post us to ways in which sensory stories can be used for a wide range of purposes as well as simply shared for the pure fun and enjoyment of being in the story telling space together. With tips about how to resource and share sensory stories in an ambitious and inclusive fashion this seminar will be a must watch for everyone. 


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  • Natural & engaging video
  • Watch On-Demand
  • CMH, Certificate Provided 
  • Online classroom community 
  • Links to resources!

Learn how to harness the senses & why.

We are all "sensory beings",  kids with complex needs, even more so.  Integrating sensory experiences that tackle all 7+ senses engage & include kids in a powerful way.  
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Sensory stories are creative but not expensive.  

You can create ambitious and inclusive sensory stories without breaking the clock or the bank. let Joanna Grace show you how in this engaging discussion with great resource links!
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What You'll Learn

  1. Describe at least two factors that contribute to rich sensory stimulus.
  2. Discuss at least two key ingredients to a great sensory story.
  3. Demonstrate at least two ways to use sensory stories to support people of different abilities.
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Continuing Education Credit

This series offers eligible students a total of
1.5 certification maintenance hours (CMH)

Learn more about CMH/PDH  (versus CEU's or continuing education units) on your course syllabus and on our CEU Page.  All learners are encouraged to confirm that this course meets the requirements of their licensing board before purchasing.  
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Meet YOUR instructor

Joanna Grace

Joanna Grace is a sensory engagement and inclusion specialist, author, trainer, TEDx speaker and Founder of The Sensory Projects. She is working to contribute to a future where people are understood in spite of their differences. The Sensory Projects run on the principle that with the right knowledge and a little creativity, inexpensive resources can become effective sensory tools for inclusion.
Patrick Jones - Course author