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AACES Conference 2023 Session

Seamless Communication: The Power of Technology to Break Communication Boundaries 

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This session focuses on how the right technology and the right intervention approach can help break down barriers and ease communication. We will explore how to move through the amazing journey to independent communication with ease and fun by experiencing the story of a successful communication journey for a child with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy using an eye gaze device to communicate. This session emphasizes how important it is for speech and language therapists to focus on communicative functions when supporting AAC learning, and to employ effective coaching to teach caregivers the strategies needed to avoid and manage major communication breakdowns.  


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  • Natural & engaging webinar
  • Full year of on-demand access
  • CMH/PDH Certificate 
  • Online classroom community 
  • Links to resources

Ease & fun for complex bodies.

Explore ways to make communication easier and more fun for communicators with complex bodies.
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Managing breakdowns. 

Learn how to coach caregivers to avoid and manage major communication breakdowns.  
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What You'll Learn

 As a result of attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

1. Discuss at least two strategies to make communication easier for communicators with complex needs.
2. Describe at least two areas of AAC focus for communicators with complex bodies.
3. Discuss at least two effective AAC interventions for the target population discussed in this session.
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Continuing Education Credit

This course offers eligible students a total of
1 certification maintenance hour (CMH)

Learn more about CMH/PDH  (versus CEU's or continuing education units) on your course syllabus and on our CEU Page.  All learners are encouraged to confirm that this course meets the requirements of their licensing board before purchasing.  
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Meet YOUR instructor

Shruthi Suresh, SLP

Shruthi Suresh is a senior Speech and Language Therapist.
She completed Masters in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and has 13 years of experience working with pediatric populations with varying speech and language disorders. Shruthi has a special interest in AAC and assistive technology and works to enhance ease of communication for her students.
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Patrick Jones - Course author