AAC, Literacy & the SLP

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  • 2  hour video lesson                  
  • Intermediate Level                    
  • Attend  on-demand                     
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AACES Conference On-Demand Session

AAC Abandonment: Tech, Training or Team Connection?

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This session will explore the rate of AAC abandonment and reasons for patient/family dismissal of the communication device. Many individuals still need SGD technology, yet do not continue forward with prescribed equipment. Reasons for device rejection related both the tech and training/intervention will be explored, as well as means of addressing these problems. Information will be taken from both published and ongoing research in the area of AAC and patient relationships. The need to implement AAC across disciplines related to AT in order to achieve optimal outcomes and ideas for doing so will also be discussed.


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  • Natural & engaging video
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  • CMH, Certificate Provided 
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Help families be successful with AAC.

Learn about AAC abandonment and how to best prevent it with tech and teaching tips.  
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Harness the power of  each member on the AAC team.

Explore how a strong AAC team approach fends off  AAC tech abandonment.  
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What You'll Learn

1. State at least three reasons for AAC abandonment as supported by current literature.
2. Discuss the non-technical aspect of relationships that affects embracing or rejecting AT.
3. State at least two cross professional reasons for supporting AAC as a part of the global
patient care experience/service.
4. State two ways to adjust practice to address stated or perceived reasons for AAC abandonment.
5. Discuss ways to include the patient and family in avoidance of technology abandonment.
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Continuing Education Credit

This series offers eligible students a total of
2 certification maintenance hours (CMH)

Learn more about CMH/PDH  (versus CEU's or continuing education units) on your course syllabus and on our CEU Page.  All learners are encouraged to confirm that this course meets the requirements of their licensing board before purchasing.  
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Meet YOUR instructors

M. Claire Campbell

M. Claire Campbell is a certified SLP/ATP with extensive practice in the area of AAC. Her primary work focuses on individuals with complex bodies requiring AT across disciplines and with multidisciplinary clinics. She routinely coordinates with other AT providers for global care of patients. In addition, Claire previously served as the rep for two different AAC companies, garnering advanced knowledge of products and settings. 
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Heidi Hosick

H. Hosick is a certified SLP/A with extensive practice in the area of AAC and family relationship building. She is a DIR-Floortime certified provider who brings unique knowledge to the role that family attitudes and behaviors play on AT acceptance. 
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Mallory Record

M. Record is a certified SLP focusing on AAC provision. As the director of speech pathology at a private clinic, she is focused on patient satisfaction and success.

All three presenters are currently engaged in research on factors related to AAC abandonment.
Patrick Jones - Course author